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 Breathe in, breathe out and let your body slump were the instructions for all the pictures.       
From the left the pictures are:
    1. Neutral before anything,
After doing just the first rib maneuver,
After the entire Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol.

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      The first thing to know about about bodies is that if they work correctly there is nothing for the person operating the body to notice about it. This is covered elsewhere on the site but I will quickly go over it now for those who have not read the article Eliminating Confusion in Structural Healthcare which contains the data.

      What I mean when I say if your body is working correctly there will be nothing for you to notice about it is exactly that. An example is your car. What did you notice about your car when you drove it last? Not what do you remember about it when you drove it last but what did you notice then, while you last drove it?
Most people whose cars are working well have difficulty coming up with something because there is just nothing to notice but the temperature or the radio when their car is working correctly. Those whose cars are not working well usually can tell you immediately, the noise in the..., when I turn it...

      Whatever the something is they notice it immediately because it grabs their attention.

       The same is true with your body. When it is working well there is nothing to notice.

      The reason you do not notice your body is rather interesting. You can compare it to playing baseball, golf or other like games. If you have played any game or done any work that involves hitting something you know that when it feels like you hit the ball really hard you often look up only to find that the ball hardly went anywhere. Yet when you hit the ball or whatever you are hitting just right it goes really far but you don't feel almost nothing. Your friends are standing there telling you what a great shot it was and you're standing there smiling but thinking, "What happened? I didn't even feel myself hit it."

       Why don't you feel that great hit? Really, why don't you feel it? Think of an answer before you continue on.

      Most people tell me they didn't feel it because they were in the groove or the mechanics were just right or they were not thinking about it. All these answers are true statements but they answer the question, "How did I do that?" They are not answering the question, "Why don't you feel it when you hit it just right?" which is the question I am asking.

      The answer is that you do not feel the well struck ball, the really good hit, the great shot, etc. because one way or another (and there are a thousand or more ways to do it) you managed to get all the energy from the swing into the ball.

       If you get all the energy from the swing into the ball, what is left to impact your body? (Take a second to think of an answer and then continue.)

       If you did it just right and all the energy went into the ball, there is nothing left to impact your body. Since all the energy went into the ball, there is no energy left to impact your body is there. Therefore, you are not going to feel anything are you?


      Above, though the guy hit the ball hard and "feels" like he hit it really hard, all he got was a little pop-up that didn't go too far.

Home Run

      Here, the guy hardly feels a thing but the ball flies right out of the park because the hit was in line with the ball and all the energy went into the ball.

      This same thing drives chiropractors crazy when it happens. A person comes in moving slow and in tremendous pain. A friend/spouse has to help the guy (or gal) in. The doctor does his exam etc. and then treats the patient. Instantly, the patient stands up and is moving better than they have in days. The friend/spouse is looking at the guy thinking, "This doctor is a miracle worker." The doctor seeing how well he is moving asks the patient how he feels. The patient, though they know something is different, cannot feel their body moving (because the doc happened to line it up just right) and says, I don't know if you really did anything doc. At that point the friend/spouse or doctor

      The patient really cannot tell because before things were all crooked and he could feel his body every time it moved because without being lined up correctly some energy was always impacting his body giving him the feel that his body was there. Even before he got hurt the body was not aligned just right so there was always something to be felt when he moved.

      When his body is lined up just right by the adjustment, all the energy used moving the body, is used in moving the body. Though he moves better and even breathes easier there is nothing impacting the body and so nothing to notice. It is not that he feels good; he does not even feel better -- he just doesn't notice anything.

      I hope you understand that because that is what is going to happen when you do this maneuver. It will line up your body at the first rib area and other places that strongly depend on that area being lined-up, so well that difficulties you are having moving and breathing will disappear without you noting they are gone.

      It is not that you will feel good or even that you will feel better. What will happen is that you will feel next to nothing.

      Because of that we are going to have you test your body before and after so you can specifically pay attention and notice the changes. If you do this with anyone else you need to have them test before and after just like this or they will probably get a big improvement in breathing and not even notice it.

      So let's test right now. Stand up please.

      Thank you. Now, one of the things that will happen is that your nasal passages will open. Let's test that first: Breathe in and out through your nose a few times and notice how much effort it takes to breathe and how the air feels going through your nasal passages. Go ahead do it now, totally fill up your lungs and notice how it feels and how much effort it is, so you can compare to how it changes after you do the maneuver.

        Thank you for doing that and noticing how it feels. Next, is that your breathing will become easier -- less effort will get more air into your lungs. To test this take a slow deep breath in through your nose and notice both, how much effort it takes to fill up your lungs and how it feels at the end when your lungs are full. Go ahead and do that now so you can notice it and compare for how it changes after you do the maneuver.

        Got it? Good. Next is that your shoulders will not slump forward as much when you let your body relax. To test that I want you to stand straight and relaxed, breathe in a bit and then let the air out letting your body totally relax and notice where your body and shoulders go.
        Do not throw your body down into a slump and do not hold yourself up at all. Let the air out suddenly in a rush and let your lower back relax, let your buttock relax, let your stomach relax, just totally let your body slump and let your shoulders and head go where they want to go without throwing your body forward.

       Most people's bodies will go into a slouch with the shoulders coming somewhat down and forward like the people in the before pictures you saw on the ABC™ home page. Some people are so used to holding themselves upright they do it without even noticing. They should purposely let their body go loose in different areas and notice the changes as they experiment with their body. Go ahead and do that now before going on.

       After you do that, if you have any areas that hurt, back pain -- neck pain -- arm pain -- stiff knees or ankles -- whatever, test them out too. Don't notice how much they hurt but notice how much effort it takes or how far you have to move in a given direction to make them hurt. Go ahead and test them out too.

       Next is actually doing the maneuver.

       First stand relaxed. Put your left hand flat on the left side of your chest so your middle and index fingers are side by side and pointing up toward your chin.

         Clavicle (collar bone)


                     First Rib      Sternum
       This picture is actually incorrect. The first rib is not below the clavicle but is behind it. This picture was made by someone looking at an x-ray where the central ray was coming from below so the first rib shadow appears (but is not) below the clavicle. Therefore, when placing your fingers you put the end pads of your middle and index fingers ( where your fingerprints are, opposite your fingernails) over the front part of the clavicle right where it attaches to the sternum.

       At this point we have found by experience that the best way to get the rest of the instructions followed is to give us a call. Call Dr. Jutkowitz at (203)366-2746 it will take about 15 more minutes to learn  and you will have it for life.  Upon completing the maneuver on yourself, you will immediately:

  • Breathe easier.
  • Your nasal passages will be more open.

  • You shoulders will immediately not slump forward when you let you body relax and slump.

  • Your legs and feet will be looser (test it when you squat).

  • there will be many other positive effects depending upon what is out of alignment in your body at this time.
    AND, we will teach you to do it on patients starting TODAY!     
    Doing the FRM on yourself and others you will be at the start of getting results like Dr. Porter sent us below. Of course, you will then have the problem of knowing you can consistently get the results they told you about getting in school but never taught you how and will want to get the seminar.
    Call (203) 366-2746 Now

       Dr. Jerry Porter (Washington) -- After treating a woman for less than a month with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ she went to a health club where they tested her breathing. She had 99% of her Vmax on the spirometer. (Vmax is the maximum volume of air your lungs should be able to take in for your size -- average person has 60% good is considered 80%). The personal trainer was astonished "No one has 99% of their Vmax". Easy to get some referrals from that.

       (After the first emailing of this letter)

       Dr. Jeff McCombs, (Chicago) --- I had the same thing happen to one of my patients after treating them with ABC™. The guy at the gym couldn't believe the instant change in her ability to breathe. You can have people call and ask me how well ABC™ works. If every chiropractor was doing this the patients would all know how well chiropractic really does work when done properly and we would all be so busy there would be no time to argue. It is easy to learn and works consistently and predictably on everyone walking in the door.

       This one maneuver improves bodies more and makes greater changes visible in posture, on x-rays, and other objective testing than anything in the field of structural healing can do in months or years.

       If you can do this you can learn the rest. Order the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ At-Home Seminar NOW! CALL 203 366-2746    Click here.



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